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Are you looking for a way to gain enthusiasm for your favorite team, boost school spirit, or raise money for an important cause? School spirit items are the perfect promotional tools to help you achieve any one of those goals. They offer an effective way to draw interest from the community, local sports teams, parents, students and school faculty. School spirit items are also great for fundraisers, cheerleading camps, booster clubs, sports teams, athletic clubs, pep rallies and so much more.

A memorable spirit item is all it takes to get people involved in your event. Here are a few uses for your spirit promotions: Fundraisers Fundraisers are the perfect platform to maximize your exposure with school spirit items. Profitable fundraisers are essential in funding little league teams, academic programs, field trips and other activities. Not only do fundraisers raise funds for important events and programs, but they often encourage community interaction as well.

Academic budget cuts have many educational institutions relying on fundraisers to supplement revenue for extracurricular activities and programs. High-quality promotional items and a well thought our fundraiser can really help make a difference. When deciding on the perfect products to use for your fundraiser, pick promotional products that will work well for a wide range of ages. Sensible custom items, such as sports bottles, tote bags, apparel, calculators and pens are well received, but promoting with unique items can really pump up the excitement. Mini sports balls, mood stadium cups, foam hands and noisemakers are a few fun products to really amp up your fundraiser.

Pep Rallies One of the most popular events for school spirit items are pep rallies. Pep rallies are traditionally held before a sporting event as a means to gather together and build up spirit for an upcoming event or game. They are a great way to show support to the individuals involved, build up excitement and share pride with one another. School spirit products are perfect for pep rallies and a wonderful way to make any event a huge success. Items such as custom bandannas, noisemakers, pennants, hand fans, foam hands and mega phones are perfect for pep rallies. It is really easy to make some promotional noise with customized spirit products. Sporting Events Ensure your custom spirit items stand out from the crowd by promoting with loud and unique products at sporting events. Promotional spirit items will effectively show support for your team and help make some noise. Try promoting with products, such as personalized megaphones, foam sports balls, custom pom-poms, stadium seats, printed banners, noisemakers, awareness bracelets, printed apparel and more. Showing off your school spirit is such a fun and simple thing to do. School spirit encourages students, teachers, and other faculty members to take pride in their school and sports teams.

Promoting and demonstrating school spirit is effortless when you have the right advertising tools to do so. Just choose items that are fun and high-quality so they will get used time and time again. The louder the spirit item is, the more of an impact it will create. Don't forget, promoting with spirit items does not have to be costly. Stick within your budget and choose items you know will stand out from the crowd and your next event is sure to be a big success.


Let’s have a look at the numerous advantages:


1. Flexible – Promotional products can be utilized in a number of different ways, coming in many different forms, from uniforms and pens to note pads and t-shirts.


2. Cost-Effective – In terms of initial cost and overall return on investment, very few promotional tactics can match quality merchandising. To put it simply, it’s cheaper than regular advertising!


3. Long-lasting – promotional products are typically longer lasting than magazine or television advertisements. Things like pens, diaries and similar items tend to last a while, meaning your advertising does as well.


4. Measurable - The impact and effectiveness of your campaign can be easily measured through the use of promotional items. You can fairly easily track spikes and dips in inquiries based on how and when you release your merchandise.


5. Higher perceived value – Since free promotional products make customers feel more important to your company, they are seen to have a higher perceived value than straight-up ads. This means that the costs of ordering the items are outweighed by the positive reputation you are fostering.


6. Perfect for targeted marketing campaigns – Promotional products can be customised to specific marketing campaign requirements.


7. Complements other advertising – Promotional products work perfectly alongside other forms of advertising, helping to raise awareness, increase response rates, and boost the overall effectiveness of the campaign.


8. Gives life to your brand – Promotional products provide a unique extension to your brand that essentially gives it ‘life’. Rather than being a logo or a name, you are a part of the consumer’s life in either a practical or entertaining way.


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